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Online Therapy for Medicare

The stress of life, and now of Covid-19 has made it more difficult for clients to safely come into the office. However, even before this time I knew that it was a matter of time that Medicare would begin to make it easier for my clients to meet with me online.  So many of my clients have obstacles that make getting to the office a challenge at times, either because they are sick, have had an operation, or even have weather challenge (Snow, etc).

My older clients often have a hard time trying new things, especially technology.

Sometimes they have told me they are afraid it won’t be the same if they talk via the Phone, FaceTime or Video.

However, the comments I had (even from a 90-year- old who was very doubtful) are the most important thing that continues to help her is CONNECTION. She continues feel that she is heard, she can talk about what is important, and after a while, she forgets that is “just the phone.”

I usually walk my clients through the process and together we find which method might be better that day.  Sometimes we just have the picture in Zoom and we are still on the phone as well.  We do not have to be perfect!!!!

Get Zoom Help

Click the link below for a video that might be helpful to learn how to use and Set up Zoom or another online service so you can get the best results from discussing things online.

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We can then explore how I might be able to help you with the stresses you are experiencing now, due to your health issues, your worry about your partner or your kids, or your mom. As an expert in Aging and Mental Health, I can help you work on decreasing your worry, your feelings of loneliness, and stress about the present situation in your life.