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Navigating Life’s
Transitions & Challenges as we grow older


Dr. Midyet specializes in helping adults cope with life transitions, change, and emotional problems.

Some of my clients are approaching retirement age, or may have developed an acute, or chronic medical illness. Perhaps, you have had a traumatic event or family issue that you are ready to tackle. Many of my clients have new or longstanding issues with spouses, Adult children, or extended family that they would like some different ways of  addressing. Dr. Midyet provides both individual counseling and psychotherapy to help clients feel like they are able to find some answers to the difficult challenges of getting older

Individual problems I address include:

  • Thinking about or adjusting to retirement
  • Divorce adjustment
  • Sadness that does not end for days at a time
  • Loss and grief
  • Feelings of anxiety, worry, or panic
  • Memories or painful experiences that have not faded,
    or seem to continue to reappear.
  • Facing difficult decisions or chronic stress
  • Coping with Chronic or Acute Medical problems,
    such as Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cancer, Diabetes, Pain
  • Adjusting to Disability and aging
  • Help with coping skills to deal with family issues and individual stress

Dr. Karen is licensed to work with people in the following states:


Alabama – AL SB 102 (Enacted 3/18/2021)

Arizona – AZ HB 2503 (Enacted on 5/17/2016)

Arkansas – AR HB 1760 (Enacted 4/25/2021)

Colorado – CO HB 1017 (Enacted 4/12/2018)

Delaware – DE HB 172 (Enacted 6/27/2019)

District of Columbia – DC B 145 (Enacted 3/16/2021)

Georgia – GA HB 26 (Enacted 4/23/2019)

Illinois – IL HB 1853 (Enacted 8/22/2018)

Kansas – KS SB 170 (Enacted 5/17/2021)

Kentucky – KY HB 38 (Enacted 3/18/2021)

Maine – ME HB 631 (Enacted 6/22/2021)

Maryland – MD HB 970 (Enacted 5/18/2021)

Minnesota – MN SB 193 (Enacted 5/25/2021)

Missouri – MO HB 1719/MO SB 660 (Enacted 6/1/2018)

Nebraska – NE L 1034 (Enacted 4/23/2018)

Nevada – NV AB 429 (Enacted on 5/26/2017)

New Hampshire – NH SB 232 (Enacted 7/10/2019)

New Jersey – NJ A 4205/NJ S 2506 (Enacted 9/24/2021)

North Carolina – NC 361 (Enacted 7/1/2020)

Ohio – OH S 2 (Enacted 4/27/2021)

Oklahoma – OK HB 1057 (Enacted 4/29/2019)

Pennsylvania – PA SB 67 (Enacted 5/8/2020)

Tennessee – TN S 161 (Enacted 5/11/2021)

Texas – TX HB 1501 (Enacted 6/10/2019)

Utah – UT SB 106 (Enacted on 3/17/2017)

Virginia – VA SB 760 (Enacted 4/11/2020)

West Virginia – WV SB 668 (Enacted 4/21/2021)

Wisconsin – WI A 537 (Enacted 2/4/2022)

Chronic Illness

 Do you wonder how you can deal with your fatigue, your pain, your feelings of hopelessness?


Caregiver support

Are you feeling like you have lost who you are since you have been taking care of everyone else in your life?


Depression Counseling

Dr. Midyet can help you manage and resolve your negative self-statements and thoughts so that you can enjoy life again.



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About Dr. Midyet

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Midyet utilizes a broad range of innovative techniques to help you solve your problems and get relief from the stressors you are experiencing in life.

Dr. Karen Midyet has over 37 years of experience as a psychologist in the field of behavioral change. She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver in 1983 and her MA in career counseling from Columbia University in 1975.

 Medicare Accepted as well as Medicare using telehealth in PsyPac states