About Dr Karen

37 years of behavioral change experience


Dr. Karen’s Story

Dr. Karen Midyet has over 37 years experience as a psychologist in the field of behavioral change. She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Denver in 1983 and her MA in career counseling from Columbia University in 1975.
Her initial work was at the Institute for Motivational Development where she served as Chief Psychologist focusing on helping underachieving students and adults become successful at work and school. Additionally, she served as Director of hospital services where she provided intense treatment for adolescents and young adults struggling with ADHD, depression and anxiety. This experience provided her foundation into how emotions and early family experiences affect performance. She has since served as President of the Motivational Enhancement Center and developed Colorado EPIC (Effective Psychologists in Change). Dr. Midyet has expanded her work to include executive, career, and life coaching where she helps individuals achieve goals by identifying barriers to peak performance.

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Dr. Karen’s Approach

As an action oriented psychologist, I utilize a broad range of innovative cutting edge techniques that often include energy psychology and EMDR to help people address their emotional blocks to change and mental health. Dr. Midyet’s holistic approach provides rapid and powerful change for people seeking to maximize emotional happiness and enhance their quality of  life. My client’s tell me they feel understood and safe as they travel their journey of self-discovery and change towards emotional health.